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Struggling to Capture the Attention of Your Audience?

Your customers demand so much more: they want content that’s valuable, tells a story, keeps them informed, and content that helps them make an informed decision. Unfortunately, when you’re  working in your business, there’s just not enough time to for developing quality content.

That’s where the right copywriter can simplify the whole process for you.

You need a freelance website content writer who knows how to connect your audience to your business.

You need Thunder Bay Media

Authoritative Content For Every Business Need

It doesn’t matter if you’re classified Business to Consumer or Business to Business; you need to appeal to a human audience. Since 2007, we’ve worked closely with small business owners and big brands like Shutterstock, AOL, and Macy’s to dig deep with research, find the hot buttons for their target audiences, and create compelling content marketing campaigns and SEO copywriting that drives conversions.

We work with all kinds of businesses, across a variety of industries.

We know how to boost organic visibility and drive sales with quality, professional content.

Quality Content and Copywriting On Tap

Fancy words and industry jargon won’t help your bottom line. You need the kind of strategic, compelling content we create that will transform prospects into profits and finally connect you with your target audience. Take a peek at what we do to drive those results for your brand.

Need content you don’t see listed here? With more than a decade of experience helping companies of all sizes, across a range of industries, our clients get access to freelance content writers who can create content of all shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Thunder Bay Media?

There’s no shortage of freelance writers and content agencies peddling cheap copywriting services, but the simple fact is:  When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.  We go way beyond writing. We take the time to custom tailor a content strategy specific to your market, business, and customers.  You won’t find the same level of quality and devotion, because other content writers don’t carry our passion for delivering the most value to your audience.

When you choose Thunder Bay Media for website copywriting and content marketing, you stack the odds in your favor.

  • Ghost written content with fully-transferred content rights – Once the content is approved all copyright transfers to you.

  • Unique, authoritative content – We only create high-value, original content that’s a cut above all your competitors

  • Royalty free images – All content comes with engaging, relevant images to maximize value.

  • Search optimized content – We optimize all content and copywriting for visibility as well as engagement.

  • Content on-point – You get unlimited revisions within the scope of every content project.

  • Professionally proofed content writing – Your content drafts are handled and reviewed by a professional staff editor before the final draft is turned over for publication.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Derek on several content marketing campaigns as a project manager at Fractl. I first had the opportunity to work with Derek during a critical time in which I needed to complete a large number of projects. Despite shortened deadlines and a wide-range of subjects, Derek delivered professional and insightful content in a timely manner that was well received by both our editors and our clients.

Thunder Bay Media continues to be an excellent resource for our team. I would highly recommend them for any of your copywriting or content marketing needs.

Joseph M., Fractl

Derek is fun, talented, and ever the professional to work with. I was always impressed with Derek’s knowledge of marketing and design best practices, his creativity, ideas, and drive to create the best end product no matter what. He truly knows what it means to raise a brand’s bar.

Meagan B., EY Studios

Derek’s previous content brought a lot of referral quality traffic to my website, exclusively from industry experts. Ours is a technical topic not easy to grasp; yet Derek addressed it efficiently working in complete autonomy. He attended webinars and worked on this project start to finish without any question or revision. The content is always well-research and outstanding.

Annabelle R., SAP Tackle

Month over month Thunder Bay Media has delivered some of the most valuable content I’ve seen and has been a key part of our organic link development and the growth of organic traffic. Within the first 30 days we acquired links from a number of high profile sites that brought a permanent lift in traffic.

Ron D., Visiture

Derek was very honest regarding turn around time and was able to meet the necessary deadlines. It was obvious that plenty of research was done on the subject and we’re incredibly impressed with the quality of the content.

Alex O., Maxiom Technology

We had an urgent rush job and are we’re very satisfied with the professionalism, speed and quality of the PR we received.

Ludwig B., Kwak-Telecom

I was lucky enough to come across Derek from a freelancer site. Prior to linking up with him, I had constantly struggled in creating content for my business. Thunder Bay Media has proven to be an absolute hands off solution for me; I literally just shoot him an email and before I know it, I have the content in my inbox. His speed still amazes me and he’s always willing to tweak anything as needed. Thanks to Thunder Bay Media, I now have premium content production at my fingertips and can focus on running/scaling my business

A Mady, Paragon Remodeling

The content and articles from Thunder Bay Media are always well documented, straight-to-the-point and with actual examples of what is needed by my audience. The references to the new technology are explained clearly in a practical way and our new content is inline with the needs of our audience.

Annabelle R., SAP Tackle

I have had the pleasure of working with Derek on several projects since Derek joined Sun. He was key in setting up the web analytics for our digital marketing channels to gain insight into utilization to improve our marketing efforts. He was also a key contributor in streamlining the digital presence at our RV trade shows to improve the guest experience and streamline our lead collection efforts

Michelle I., Sun Communities

I loved working with Derek! The work he did on our website and the press releases we produced helped us land a highlight on E! during Katy Perry’s wedding for an expert interview. We will certainly be back for more!

Trisha C, Working Brides

Thunder Bay Media is a great source for article writing and website copywriting. I have used both these services and have had excellent results. Even to the point where I had to stop marketing with Thunder Bay Media because I couldn’t handle any more business

Jeff B., Text Phonic Communication

Derek was very easy to work with. He is very responsive and fast. I had most of my stuff written already but he added a personal touch to my technical work and created a great intro as well as a conclusion. He also organized all my texts into one coherent piece and made needed corrections. In the end he created a nice layout for my e-book and added images as needed saving me time. Great work!

Ekaterina K., Mindful Design Consulting

I would recommend Derek to anyone who is looking to any form of online writing. He did a fantastic job in a short time frame and delivered an exceptional end product. I will work with Derek again without a doubt. Thanks again for such quality work.

Jeff N., Anduro Marketing

This was my first time using Thunder Bay Media….and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Derek was extremely easy to work with and very professional. He took the time to get to know me as a person, not just a client. The project was finished on time…to my complete satisfaction…and I’ll definitely be using him for more projects as they arise in the future.

Jon C., Freelance Marketer
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