About Derek Cromwell – I Do Amazing Things with Words

DCsigLike the best of many industries, Thunder Bay Media evolved from a specific need.  A need for quality, high-value content and copywriting that generates traffic and leads.  In 2007 I launched with the intent to work with SMBs, offering a solution to help them utilize the web to grow their businesses.

I was pushing the optimized copywriting and content marketing game before many of the big players and fortune 500 companies really understood the power of content marketing and optimized copywriting.

I was powering main street businesses to the top of the search results before JC Penny was scrambling to find out why their link building strategy got their content stripped from Google search results.

I’ve been helping business owners around the world connect with more customers, and doubling down on conversion rates, since the infancy of content management systems and ecommerce plugins.

No fluff, no BS, no tricks – just powerful and expertly crafted copywriting and content marketing.

Simply put, I do amazing things with words.

That’s why clients seek me out, happily waiting for my services despite booked out production schedules.

My content has been featured in well-known publications around the web including Entrepreneur, Inc, Forbes, HubSpot, Search Engine Journal, Huffington Post and more. I would be happy to take that writing skill, and ability to connect with an audience, and apply it to your business to help you grow your traffic and revenue.

Reach out to me today and lets start a conversation.