You have to take your hat off to Detroit’s men and women in blue. The Detroit Police took the Running Man Challenge to the next level, posting an extended video highlighting well-choreographed dance moves and scenes featuring different divisions of the DPD, all filmed downtown. The video has been a huge hit not only for Michigan and Detroit natives but across the web as well, garnering over 5 million views and counting.

But the Detroit Police Department aren’t just showing off their moves, they’ve turned the Running Man Challenge into a clever piece of content marketing.

Police Chief James Craig put the perfect twist on the challenge; Beyond the challenge to other city police departments from Cincinnati, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia encouraging them to show off their moves, Chief James Craig challenging people to take don the uniform and join the Detroit Police Department.

You’ll need some serious moves to hang with this crowd, though.

If you’re not sure what kind of content marketing is right for your business, this is a fine example of taking a trending topic like the Running Man Challenge and turning it into something that puts the spotlight on your business.

It doesn’t always have to be about your products or services – sometimes you just need to have fun and show off the people & personality behind an organization.

Bravo, DPD.

And no, I didn’t miss the officer doing the robot near the end. I give props for the subtle, clever Robocop reference.