I like to think marketing, in any form, is a lot like playing cards.  As I’ve traveled to different regions I see cultural differences in the types of card games that are played. You’ve got your staples, and then you have your games that are favored by the locals.

But you’ve also got the exact same game, played almost the exact same way, but called something completely different.

In Michigan we play Euchre. When I moved to Alabama I discovered people didn’t play Euchre. They didn’t even know what it was. They played Spades though, with slightly different rules. When I declared “Oh, see that’s basically Euchre.”  I was corrected and politely told “no, it’s Spades.”

Individual marketers, business owners and entire industries like to think they’re reinventing marketing tactics and strategies,

Really we’re all just playing with the same deck of cards. They’re just tweaking the approach and the rules a little.

Fortune 500’s get the value of playing multiple games – black jack and high stakes poker all the way down to Go Fish – and going all in for the big ROI. Hyper-competitive local businesses too often are scraping for quarters in Screw Your Neighbor while staring menacingly across the block from one another.

Still the same deck, still the same content marketing, but some aren’t able to graduate beyond the equivalent of drunken college card game antics.

Move your business forward. Take the cards you have and play a better, more skilled game. Try some variety. That’s how you get the bigger pots.

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