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Content Marketing – Guest Blogging

According to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, the top goals for marketers are lead generation, brand awareness, and engagement.

Each of those goals can be met with strategic guest blogging.

Take all the knowledge and actionable advice you pump into your blog and share that epic 10x content on 3rd party sites to reap the benefits. Guest blogging has grown to become the number one method for generating quality organic backlinks and highly targeted referral traffic.

With guest blogging from¬†Thunder Bay Media you get content that answers burning questions for your audience on topics they care about. It’s the highest quality top-of-the-funnel content driving quality leads to your site and for a fraction of the cost of traditional paid search marketing.

With our blog ghostwriting services you get:

  • Deeply researched topics with all data and claims backed by authoritative citation
  • 10x “epic” content (1,000 – 4,000+ words) delivering maximum value to your audience
  • Relevant (non-stock) images to improve post engagement
  • Topic ideation relevant to specific audience segments and targeted publications
  • Content structured to drive traffic toward your site or landing pages
  • Keyword optimized content to improve search visibility
  • Quality, original content that generates trust and referral traffic
  • Strong relationships built with 3rd party publishers who will want more quality content from you in the future
  • Assistance with locating and guest post pitching to 3rd party publishers
  • Ghostwritten blogs written in your voice that build your personal and professional brand

Content is our specialty, and if you want to step up your online visibility and user engagement then it’s time to become the solution your customers are looking for.¬† At Thunder Bay Media, we bring years of experience in blog ghostwriting, guest blogging, and content marketing so you can establish relevancy and credibility where it counts the most.

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