How to Write Better Product Descriptions

//How to Write Better Product Descriptions

How to Write Better Product Descriptions

Want to get higher conversions out of that ecommerce site?

While product descriptions aren’t a service I advertise, I write a variety of website content for the purposes of conversion optimization and that includes product and category pages for ecommerce sites.  There’s a bit of a disconnect across many industries when it comes to content on your average website page and the content in product descriptions.  Many an ecommerce site owner has requested my services for writing product descriptions and their request is often similar to:

“I have 150 products and I need about 75 to 150 words per product description…”

I will usually interrupt them at that point and ask them about their choice of volume or word count.  More often than not the response is similar to a desire to keep it short because most people don’t read the product description.  They know what they want and they buy it.

While that’s true for some shoppers, it can’t be applied to everyone. There are plenty of careful shoppers out there that want all the details and they research heavily before making a purchase decision.

A great example of how good, deep product descriptions can help sell products is Brookstone.  They carefully select copywriters for writing product descriptions to ensure that the content is deep, informative and valuable.  They’re one of the most informative marketplaces on the web and they know it.  Savvy sellers in the Amazon marketplace have come to realize the importance of a solid description as well.

There are a lot of benefits to filling out your product descriptions and treating them like any other piece of informative content on your site:

Better Product Descriptions Educate the Buyer

When people are looking for products online, they want information.  They want answers, they want to know about products, how they work, the solutions they offer, etc.  With a good product description that’s fleshed out properly you can fit in benefit statements, the right kind of empathy, romance and seductive sales copy.  Enough real facts and product info will help them make a purchase decision from you –  as opposed to surfing and researching until they’re satisfied.

Greater Opportunity for Keyword Relevancy

With more quality content there’s more opportunity to improve your relevancy for the product name as well as other relevant search phrases.  That’s extremely hard to do with a stumpy paragraph.  Not only are you short-changing the customer on product information but you make it impossible for them to find you through organic search

SEO Value Builds Traffic

With more content you get more key phrase relevancy and with that comes a greater chance of improving your position in the search results.  Google often bumps product results higher than organic search, so if you rank well on the relevancy scale there’s a good shot at sitting on top of the search results.  More visibility means higher traffic volume and with well-written, detailed and value-oriented product descriptions you’re far more likely to close the sale.

Credibility and Authenticity

Let’s say you want to buy a new flatscreen television.  You’re interested in a 46″ but you’re not sure if you want Plasma or not.   The first site you visit has minimal specs – information you already know.  No product description to speak of.  You’re essentially buying by the brand.  The next site you visit has 3 solid paragraphs detailing the benefits of Plasma over LCD and the benefits of higher resolution 1080p with a 600hz refresh.  With similar pricing, which site would you buy from?

A site that works to educate its customers means the people running the business know their stuff – they know their products and that builds real credibility.  People want to do business with experts and a well written product description paints you as authentic – the real deal.

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